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APQC membership provides you—and every employee in your organization—access to research-based best practices and business drivers, benchmarking tools and data, and expertise so you can discover, understand, and implement the most effective methods for process and performance improvement so that you can Make Best Practices Your Practices™.



APQC's Knowledge Base contains content items based on validated data and primary research to help you make innovative and well-informed business decisions. Our benchmarks, best practices, case studies, white papers, tools, and templates cover core business issues in process management, financial management, knowledge management, and supply chain management.



Since 1996, APQC's Education group has been helping education leaders capture, scale and sustain transformation to improve student outcomes. We help educators redesign outdated or inefficient processes and break down functional silos which saves time, saves money and empowers people. 


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What APQC Members Think About Webinars

Jane Habel | Knowledge Management Associate | Bechtel Group, Inc.

Webinars are a great way for our team to gather and advance our collective knowledge and understanding of a particular topic.