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Emerging Technology for Knowledge Management

Event Type : Roundtable
Duration: 1 hour
Date: June 12
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CT
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This roundtable is an opportunity for APQC members to have an open discussion about best practices and challenges related to technology in knowledge management (KM). Building on the results of APQC’s recent research to understand the impact of current and emerging technologies on KM teams, programs, and capabilities, we’ll discuss:

  • KM and its role in technology strategy and implementations
  • Current state of implementation for technologies enabling KM
  • Top drivers and barriers for successful technology implementation
  • Change management effectiveness when implementing technology
  • Skillsets needed for to successfully leverage technology for KM

To ensure this session is beneficial for all, please submit any questions on this topic that you would like to propose for the group discussion during registration.

Speaker Image 1

Lynda Braksiek

Principal Research Lead, Knowledge Management

Speaker Image 2

Brittnee Dixon

Research Services, Research Manager

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