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Knowledge Revolution with Generative AI: Megatrends and Success Stories

Event Type: Webinar
Duration: 1 hour
Date: June 19
Time: 1:00 p.m. CT
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Generative AI has accelerated interest in knowledge management (KM), helping to automate many of the tasks in the KM lifecycle and shattering barriers to knowledge adoption in the enterprise. KM, on the other hand, is foundational to the success of Generative AI initiatives, providing trusted content, controls, and governance, to name some. The powerful symbiosis between the two can transform operations across the enterprise.

Join APQC's Lynda Braksiek as she welcomes eGain, the knowledge management sponsor for APQC’s 2024 Conference, for a discussion on the significant impact that Generative AI can have on business outcomes, particularly in the field of customer service. They will showcase a new and innovative way to adopt Generative AI and KM together in a manner that is completely risk-free, allowing for the quick creation of business value.

Speaker Image 2

Evan Siegel

Vice President, eGain

Speaker Image 1

Lynda Braksiek


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